Letters to the Editor

Proposal would make dad a noncitizen

Responding to "No citizenship for illegals' kids born here" (Sept. 26, Letters): Amendment 14 of the U.S. Constitution states that if you are born on U.S. soil, you are a citizen. Because of this, we have less turmoil than, for example, Europe, where immigrants and their children lack citizenship and many rights.

My grandfather was born in Texas in 1897 to a Mexican father and Apache mother. Neither was considered a citizen at the time. So, because of my Spanish surname, my children would have to prove their "legality"? According to this proposal, my father, a veteran and police officer for 30 years, would've been undocumented.

Why stop at "Mexicans"? Let's check Anglos and their children to make sure they are "legal." It irks me that people don't know the history or push-and-pull factors between the two countries. Mexicans were here before the first British colony was even established.

If people fear or hate the undocumented, they will cease to see them as humans (aliens or illegals). Unfortunately, many letters to The Bee have perpetuated this notion, ignoring the human drive and sacrifice to provide a better life for their families.