Letters to the Editor

Follow the law or go back to wherever

In response to Robert Stanford "Humanity, compassion is the American way" (Sept. 24, Letters): I grew up in this county with some of the best Mexican families you would ever want to meet. The children were great and the mothers and fathers tried to converse with you.

Next door is a family of 14 that lives in one house. The mother doesn't want to communicate with us, though when they first moved in they sent the kids over for sugar, flour or whatever. The new double-pane windows I just installed have BB holes in them, for $1,500 in damages. Their unlicensed dogs are always in my yard. They have five dogs and roosters.

My uncle came over from Sicily and was successful. A lot of us came from somewhere other than the United States, but we follow the law. If people want to act like they do in Mexico and don't wish to follow the law, send them back.