Letters to the Editor

Fighting SFPUC not in county's best interests

The one "no" vote on the Tuolumne County resolution to protest the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's plan to take was mine. I don't have a problem with our board of supervisors conveying its lack of accord with the SFPUC's idea to take more water out of the Tuolumne River for downstream uses. The language in the resolution, however, says (in effect) that Tuolumne County will exercise legal remedies if our views don't prevail. At best, this stance is pugnacious; at worst, it is ineffective. Let's say our views don't prevail. Are we, in Tuolumne County, really in a position to devote a river of revenue to fund lawsuits to press our case? We recently closed our county hospital. We have trouble recruiting young professionals because of housing prices. We are trying to build the size of our Sheriff's Department. The last ballot measure proposing a sales tax hike for fire protection failed. My "no" vote reflected my feeling that the Board of Supervisors needs to smarten up about what it can accomplish. Facing a problem as would a bully on the block is not only counterproductive, it is also weak when you consider the firepower on the other side.


District 1 supervisor, Tuolumne County