Letters to the Editor

Hillary's message articulate and intelligent

"Hillbillary, a hypocritical shrew" (Sept. 21, Letters) stated The Bee only reports liberal views. Weekly I read conservative attacks on liberals that reflect no documentation or factual data. The "liberal" label is the intellectual equivalent of a third-grader name-calling on the playground.

I have examined a variety of printed sources and heard Hillary speak on numerous occasions and have never heard her use profanity. She presents an articulate message on many critical issues, such as health care for all citizens. Our administration's support for health care has been a disaster. Conservatives overlook the despicable actions of Republicans in the administration. Two examples: Dick Cheney received a minimal response from the media for his words to Pat Leahy in the Senate, and Karl Rove has used filthy, obscene language repeatedly that has been recorded in White House tapes.

Many responses from the right cherry-pick examples to support a point of view that is scorned by the vast majority of our allies. I invite the writer to listen to Hillary's Sept. 23 interview with Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation."