Letters to the Editor

We should know 'our employees' pay

In reference to "Why print any worker's salary?" (Sept. 29, Letters): We're certainly entitled to know public employees' compensations; after all, our taxes pay their salaries.

Three letters to the editor that day revolved around this issue. Sure, those public "servants" probably don't want the public's attention to this information. I'd be embarrassed to get that kind of money, too, when some others are struggling to survive on $3,000 a year.

Schwarzenegger doesn't take a salary as governor, but he recently gave exaggerated raises to state workers already making enviable money. (And there's talk about raising our state taxes -- to pay for those raises?)

This is just in government and public offices. Payroll disparities in the private sector are worse. It's so blatantly unfair that bigwigs who sometimes make millions can get obscene raises without anybody so much as batting an eye, but when a miserly raise of 2 percent to 4 percent is proposed for the regular worker, all hell breaks loose! Remember the opposition to raising the minimum wage? How can we be so indifferent to this inequality?