Letters to the Editor

Science is open to debate

The writer of "Scientific debate vs. conclusions" (Sept. 29, Letters) tells us to leave the debating and concluding about global warming to the scientists, because, evidently, the media and the rest of us are too ignorant to understand the truth. He berates those who look at Modesto Irrigation District measurements to draw conclusions and yet he offers only one (uncited) statistic saying the earth is warming at only ".06 degrees Fahrenheit per year." This is his evidence that Al Gore and the media are hyping the threat of global warming and the danger of the resulting climate change. He thinks that he can draw conclusions but those he disagrees with can't.

It doesn't take a Ph.D to recognize poppycock coming from someone with a Ph.D. When the scientific community debates for decades and finally comes to an almost unanimous conclusion that global warming is a fact and will have major impact on civilization, arguing about Al Gore and media coverage is like lecturing the media not to report a fire in your house while it's burning down.