Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on Gallo opening

The jury is in: The Gallo Center is great; its ticketing process is not (to put it kindly). The computerized system is taking over from the pen, paper and shouting system, and some tickets can now be purchased online.

But, for starters, the seating charts on the Web site don't label the myriad sections, forcing some sleuth work before actually ordering tickets. Or maybe it's just a clever plot to keep out the riffraff who don't know the parterre from their derriere. And two of the three Rogers Theater box sections appear to carry incorrect letter designations.

When you have finally sorted out the sections, the computer chooses your seats. Thanks, but I'd rather choose my own. It's not as if there wasn't a better ticketing model, say, four blocks away. The State Theatre's online system shows the stage view from each section, then lets you choose your seats from all currently available.

The Gallo Center is a great 21st-century venue ... with a 20th-century ticketing system.