Letters to the Editor

Helping kids through music is his dream

My dream is to start an after-school music program called Rise Records. During Rep. Dennis Cardoza's visit to my home, I shared my dream with him. The congressman stated that he believes in my dream and encouraged me to write this letter. Imagine walking into a building and seeing six soundproof rooms, each marked for the different instruments studied. Room 1, guitar and bass; Room 2, piano/keyboard; Room 3, drums/percussion; Room 4, strings (violin, cello, etc.); Room 5, woodwinds; Room 6, brass. Additionally, the back room would be used for the recording of professional bands.

I want to create a safe atmosphere where kids can go to be encouraged, and hear music instead of curse words. They would receive free lessons from volunteers and make small compact discs for free. I want to provide struggling youth the outlet I didn't have. Rise Records would be a community-based program; I hope the community will believe in my dream. To donate instruments, time or money, call Rep. Cardoza's office at 800-356-6424.