Letters to the Editor

ELS shunned rent control talks

After reading the article on the passage of the rent control ordinance ("Rent control option accepted by all but one," Sept. 27, Page B-1), it is necessary to clarify Peter Underhill and ELS's lack of involvement in the process. As a member of the stakeholders group that hammered out these documents through a spirit of compromise and cooperation, it should be noted that Underhill declined to be a part of the group and stated that the company he works for, ELS, would never be a party to anything that restricted their right to raise rents to any level and at any time. The so-called offers his company made were so full of conditions favorable to ELS that they weren't worth the paper they were written on.

Contrary to what Underhill would have everyone believe, they were not shut out of the process; they chose not to participate. ELS has a history of these sort of manipulations throughout California and the United States and consider themselves above any restrictions on their rent gouging. At the one meeting that they joined by telephone, Underhill stated he would not agree to the memoradum of understanding under any circumstances, and then said nothing further.


Stanislaus Mobilehome Owners Advocacy