Letters to the Editor

Etiquette article right for some

I was saddened to read the letters regarding the article on concert etiquette, "Best behavior" (Sept. 23, Page I-1). Though many members of our community have often attended live performances and are very aware of how to dress and behave, many others have not yet had that opportunity. Many of my private music students commented positively on the article.

As a manager of an internationally known music group I've had the opportunity to visit most of the larger performing arts venues in this country. In every venue, even in the largest cities, there were patrons experiencing their first live performance. I had often wished that they had the opportunity to have instruction on appropriate concert dress and etiquette in advance so that they would have felt more comfortable and enjoyed a stress-free experience.

I applaud The Bee for the upbeat and informative article. There is a first time for everyone, and I am certain there are many in this area who now feel more comfortable experiencing live performing arts.