Letters to the Editor

Election fund-raising big business

In regards to the article "Supervisors object to weddings venue" (Sept. 27, Page B-1). I take umbrage with Supervisor Jim DeMartini's statement that political fund-raisers are different from weddings because they aren't a commercial business and take place on larger properties. Whose skirt is he trying to blow smoke up?

Political fund-raisers are a $5-billion-a-year business, and that's in a nonelection year. You can add a couple of zeros in an election year. There is not a politician alive that has not hired commercial companies, both legal and illegal, to help them get elected. I have seen political fund-raisers in neighborhoods where streets are shut down; I have been involved with the entertainment at some fund-raisers that had well over 500 people on a five-acre ranch. For DeMartini or any other politician to say that political fund-raisers are not a commercial business is just an out-and-out lie. But I forgot, the Supreme Court said it was OK for politicians to lie to the people.