Letters to the Editor

Illegals make Latinos look bad

In response to " 'Illegal' is not a synonym for 'Latino' " and "Humanity, compassion is American way" (Sept. 24, Letters): Wake up and smell the coffee, people, before English is a second language in our United States.

Modesto does not need people like Robert Stanford on the City Council. He wants compassion, he can try going to Mexico and flying the American flag, celebrating the Fourth of July or having American week, like Latinos do here, and see what kind of compassion you get from Latinos in Mexico.

What is insulting to the hard-working Latino citizens of this country is all the illegals coming into this country filling the jails and prisons, milking our health care dry and giving hard-working Latino citizens a bad name and so on. Illegals are nothing but problems for the United States, and don't ask me "Who will do the work?" That is a poor excuse.