Letters to the Editor

Burglar-rapist being freed early

I was just informed by a probation officer that someone who broke into my house is being released from prison. I have a few questions. I saw in The Bee that someone who raped someone got 50 years and no early release because of the violence behind the crime, and sex offenders don't get out early with that magnitude of violence. A criminal who broke into my house, tried to kill my father, and raped, sodomized women and burglarized neighbors in the 1980s is being released Oct. 3. How is this possible? I am told it's due to overcrowding.

Robert Angel Johnson is being released soon; everyone should be aware of him, and the crimes he committed. He is a black belt in karate, uses a gun, manipulates women and is very dangerous. He was convicted in 1985, and is already getting out! He has had more than a dozen victims over two years and threatened my father in court for testifying against him. Is this the law?