Letters to the Editor

Pity the poor Hershey workers

The article "Hershey ranks will be cut again Friday" (Sept. 26, Page A-1) might have been more appropriately titled "Entitlement society," as it rid me of my lingering sympathy for the laid-off Hershey workers.

They received severance of eight to 65 weeks' salary and are eligible for unemployment insurance, yet still had complaints. Most wanted retraining. If these workers can't find comparable jobs with comparable pay, it means they were overpaid at Hershey -- perhaps one of the reasons this employer is going to Mexico.

Why should taxpayers fund these workers' dreams of education simply because they were laid off? I certainly can't expect such largess should I be laid off. Others wanted a break to recover from the "emotional toll." Again, why should taxpayers have to fund your vacation -- I mean, your emotional recovery? Hershey workers should be grateful they received timely notice and generous severance pay, giving them opportunities to plan for a significant life change. The laid-off workers at Aegis Mortgage had neither.

I have great respect for the many Hershey employees who took the initiative to find new jobs or opportunities on their own. That can-do attitude is what built America; this entitlement attitude will someday destroy her.