Letters to the Editor

Mandate retraining for workers

It was sad reading the story about the employees at Hershey and their layoffs. My, how things haven't changed. Twenty-five years ago, while working for the biggest corporation in the world, I was part of a team that went to Puerto Rico and Taiwan to train people in the manufacture of high-speed printers. We then came back to San Jose and laid everyone off.

I remember the talk of retraining and making sure everyone had a job. What a joke. The hourly people got a how-to-fill-out-an-application meeting and those of us in management were told to join Toastmasters and try to network.

We need a simple law in this country. One hundred percent of employees laid off need to be working in new jobs or be in vocational training paid for by the company, or the company cannot do any further business in the United States. I am so tired of sitting in company meetings hearing how "the people make the company great." Those same people get flushed when the company moves offshore in search of the almighty dollar.