Letters to the Editor

Wasden should shape policy

In response to "Wasden should not shape policy" (Sept. 22, Letters): Why shouldn't Modesto Police Chief Roy Wasden shape policy? He's apparently concerned about resources not being there to guarantee a secure downtown, much less the greater Modesto area; that's his job. Maybe folks in Turlock don't worry about whether or not police can respond to an emergency on a weekend night in their neighborhoods, but it angers me to think that Modesto and county sheriff's units could be tied up in our downtown to baby-sit rowdy binge drinkers in the name of redevelopment.

A few, not all, of the "great business leaders" downtown apparently think of nothing more than their own profits at the city's expense. Some seem bent on exploiting Modesto as the night life capital for every Gen-Xer between here and San Jose. Everybody would like to enjoy an entertaining downtown environment, but it needs to be under some control and not at the expense of the local common good. All parties need to hammer this out in a sensible way that is fair to business and public safety. If it means a few permits being denied, so be it. Chief Wasden, keep up the good work.