Letters to the Editor

'Giving' is a nonfiction book? Ha!

Time and again when you read The Bee you'll find that the biggest laughs come not from the comics section, but from the regular news sections. I'm referring to The New York Times' best-seller list in the Sunday LifeStyles section. Low and behold, there is Bill Clinton's latest: "Giving."

The day before, I had seen a big display in the bookstore and thought, "That's gotta be a parody; it can't be legitimate." But the next day when I read the best-seller list, my curiosity was confirmed when it was No. 1. And in the nonfiction section no less! Somehow when I consider Bill Clinton, the word "Giving" doesn't come to mind. If he had released a book titled "Lying" or "Cheating," that would make more sense -- something he has some experience with.