Letters to the Editor

Highway 99 needs major overhaul

Highway 99 is a huge disgrace and an embarrassment to our area. The state should spend time and money in repairing, upgrading and cleaning up the highway.

I use 99 every day to go to school in Modesto. It is an eyesore; there is trash along the sides of the road, the weeds in several spots look like they're out of control, and the ride quality of the road is horrible.

If you drive into many of the cities in Southern California, the freeways look nice and well-maintained. Why can't our freeway be kept up like that?

When people drive into our area using 99, it gives people a very negative view of the area. I have driven on highways in several other states and not one of them was as broken down and dilapidated as Highway 99. This problem needs to be fixed soon.