Letters to the Editor

Voucher plan will pay for itself

The Stanislaus County Alternative to Euthanasia voucher program, rather than being stopped or reduced, should be expanded! The voucher program will pay for itself over time by reducing the number of animals coming into Animal Services only to be euthanized. The only way to reduce the number of animals being destroyed is to reduce the unfortunate number of animals born in our county.

Perhaps the county should have separate vouchers for dogs and cats and charge different fees. Since the cat surgeries cost less, they could be reduced to $40 or less and the dog surgeries, because they cost more, could be increased to $75 or so.

I hope the Board of Supervisors realizes that the high usage of the spay- neuter voucher, though expensive now, will pay for itself with fewer animals to be destroyed next year. I also hope the plans to offer vouchers to low-income families and individuals, at a reduced cost, don't get scrapped now that the director of Animal Services is leaving.

Perhaps our community would come together, like they did for the Gallo Center, and donate to this worthy cause.