Letters to the Editor

I'm definitely in the wrong field

Regarding "$100,000 not even close here" (Sept. 23, Page A-1): I'm behind the times in many ways. For example, I don't know what a Behavioral Health Center is supposed to do. By the salaries paid to the 15 employees listed as attached to the center, I know I missed the boat when I didn't pursue that field as a career.

They hit the budget for $3,165,429 plus some small change, and by their titles I don't think they work odd hours or weekends. The average wage of the 15 amounts to $211,028. This is probably not a lot in this day and age, but for a guy and his wife getting along on less that $3,000 a year, I can't imagine just what the Behavioral Health Center accomplishes. Maybe someone will write and educate me.