Letters to the Editor

Help keep spay-neuter program

I was very sad to find out that the Board of Supervisors is planning to stop the successful spay-neuter voucher program for Animal Services due to lack of funds. I would like to see a way for people to donate online. I believe many people would then donate to help with this situation.

There has got to be a way to keep the goals of Animal Services moving forward, not backward. I understand, having worked for Stanislaus County for more than 20 years, that the employees at Animal Services, whether it be the director, veterinarian, office staff or animal control officers, have their hands tied as to how much they can accomplish in an antiquated building that is too small, does not have enough staff and is underfunded.

It is so sad that healthy, loving animals will pay the price for this situation by being euthanized. I have adopted from Animal Services and encourage everyone I know to do the same when looking for a pet. I say to you, the citizens of Stanislaus County, please spay or neuter your pet, adopt from Stanislaus County Animal Services or make a donation.