Letters to the Editor

Scientific debate vs. conclusions

Regarding "Summer falling" (Sept. 22, Page B-1): Although you never mention global warming, you imply that climate change is occurring based on the Modesto Irrigation District's temperature record. You try to form global implications from microanalysis.

Climate change models predict only 0.06 degree Fahrenheit change on average per year throughout the world. That means you would need to measure temperatures trends throughout the world to at least get that accuracy.

The greater problem: Nonscientists fail to tell scientific debate from scientific conclusions. Some even attempt to suppress debate by fiat. And naive ex-vice presidents, diplomats and media dangerously fuel ignorance by encouraging appeal-to-fear "reasoning," poisoning the waters of objective science by popularizing theories prematurely.

A careful reading of scholarly studies shows that models are immature and conclusions inconsistent. Let scientists do the science and direct the debate. The media should stay informed, but avoid speculative, premature conclusions.