Letters to the Editor

3rd-party candidates no solution

"No End in Sight," showing at the State Theatre, is something every American citizen should see. This film does a masterful job of exposing just where the United States government went wrong in Iraq. While I opposed the invasion of Iraq from the outset, the testimony of military and government insiders gave me an understanding of how we failed, not just in the invasion, but most grievously in the aftermath. Unfortunately, the one question the film does not address is: What do we do now?

The matinee showing on Sunday was attended by a group of supporters of Ron Paul for president. They believe their candidate has the answers to the situation in Iraq. What they don't seem to realize was spelled out clearly by Larry Giventer of California State University, Stanislaus, in moderating the post-film discussion. Unless the Electoral College system is abolished or changed, a third-party candidate has no chance of election. Such a candidate only draws votes away from one or both of the majority parties, ensuring that the opposing candidate will win. Anyone who wants a change in U.S. foreign policy would be well advised to steer clear of third-party candidates and support the Democrat of their choice.