Letters to the Editor

I really, really like this columnist!

Michelle Malkin ("I don't like you! I really, really don't like you!" Sept. 21, Page B-7) eloquently put into words what 99 percent of us military moms feel.

Malkin quotes Deborah Johns, who condemned the left's demonization of

Gen. David Petraeus and urged Congress to oppose a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. That's how most of us mothers feel.

According to Sally Field, we military mothers and our children are helpless victims. We are not the victims here, but if the far left keeps choosing to keep their heads in the sand and letting Muslim extremists have their way by using our government-made rules for their benefit, all of America will be a victim once again.

Just because they haven't done anything lately in the United States does not mean we are home free. It just means that the sleeping dogs are lying in wait.

Cindy Sheehan, Sally Field and Susan Sarandon do not speak for me, but Michelle Malkin sure does.