Letters to the Editor

Inexcusable ticket bungling in center's box office

My two daughters, two sisters, a friend and I were thrilled to read that Tony Bennett was going to be at the Gallo Center. On the day the box office opened, a friend purchased six of the $200 seats. Two days later she was told that those were sold in error, the explanation being they were only available to donors of $25,000 or more. We then were sold six tickets for $125 in another center section.

She received a phone call several days ago saying that the tickets would be mailed in two days. None of us are seated together! Supposedly we are to receive six tickets to Rosanne Cash's concert the following night to make up for all the trouble we have had. We don't have those yet, either.

I am told the theater will not open until 7:30 p.m. Curtain is at 8. How can you seat 1,252 people in less than 30 minutes? I am guessing that many people will be older. I have no doubt that there will be people there with tickets but no seats. There will be chaos. What an embarrassment to Modesto; how disrespectful to Mr. Bennett.

There is no excuse acceptable for this mess. The Gallo Web site should have been up when the first tickets were sold.