Letters to the Editor

If we can't acts no better, they shouldna builded it

Boy, we Modesto hicks should be thankful you wrote that fine article ("Best behavior," Sept. 23, Page I-1) on how to behave when we are out in public, like no one in Modesto has ever gone to an event in the Big City to watch a play.

Maybe the mistake was building the Gallo center in Modesto in the first place. The State Theatre has had great performers and they did not seem to need an article on how to act in the venue.

Modesto is full of Bay Area transplants, so you must be directing your comments to us natives and our rural neighbors.

The Bee must be off in the head also if they think we needed this article so as not to embarrass the performers and city leaders. We is all country hicks you know. How about an article on safe driving? The hicks are getting tired of being ran off the road.