Letters to the Editor

We know how to behave at the theater, thank you

I have been a resident and taxpayer in Modesto for more than 30 years. My husband and I have also made contributions to the Gallo Center. To those of us that read "Best behavior" (Sept. 23, Page I-1), all the rules and regulations and what manners are expected of those of us who choose to attend functions at the new Gallo Center for the Arts are an insult. Most people that plan on attending the functions haven't exactly fallen off of the turnip truck.

I fail to see how this merited front page coverage on the LifeStyles section telling your subscribers that it is rude to leave before a performance is over and that there is no talking or snacking allowed. Good common sense is needed, not a scolding. Come on, let's get real and support our arts center, clap at the appropriate time and enjoy! The Bee must think that readers aren't sophisticated enough to handle performances of this caliber. Not so!