Letters to the Editor

No citizenship for illegals' kids born here

A Bee editorial bemoaned legislation that would deny citizenship to children of illegals ("It's un-American to deny citizenship to U.S.-born," Sept. 17). My response is crime should not pay. Illegals know that having a child is a 90 percent chance to stay in the United States.

Last year, 20,000 children were born in southern border towns to noncitizen mothers who were not in the United States 24 hours earlier. Hospitals there are going broke trying to keep up.

Illegals are criminals -- not immigrants, not decent citizens, not law-abiding. That is why areas with illegals have the highest crime rates. Illegals grow and smuggle 60 percent of the drugs entering the U.S. from the south.

This is why Mexico is such a corrupt nation. They sponsor crime, encourage it and write manuals for Mexican illegals to use to cheat the U.S. taxpayer. Mexico hires lawyers to sue border landowners who stop illegals trespassing on their property and call the Border Patrol. At least five have lost their property due to the expense of the lawsuits. They didn't lose the case, either.

Honest immigants deserve citizenship and so do their children when born here.