Letters to the Editor

The real story behind Mountain Springs

"Mountain Springs: Baloney for sale" (Sept. 13, Letters) had many incorrect statements regarding roads, emergency services, employment and the writer's adjacent ranch that have been addressed in the environmental impact report on the county Web site and at www.mountainspringscommunity.com.

Mountain Springs provides significant public benefits in addition to paying all permit fees. Substantial road and infrastructure improvements are provided before constructing homes in each phase.

The county fire marshal has declared Mountain Springs a fire-safe community and the sheriff wrote that "the proposed Mountain Springs Community will bring about significant public benefit and help enhance the public safety of our county."

Hundreds of acres of permanent open space surround Mountain Springs to buffer several adjacent residential neighborhoods and the 40-acre portion of the writer's ranch property that abuts the southwest corner of Mountain Springs.

The fiscal benefit and impact study shows that Mountain Springs pays more than its fair share with more than $74 million directly to the general fund and millions more for public parks, roads and infrastructure improvements we all need in Tuolumne County.


operations manager, Mountain Springs Community