Letters to the Editor

We should pay attention to Wasden's advice

In response to "Chief enforces the law -- helps make it, too" (Sept. 15, Page A-1): Modesto Police Chief Roy Wasden and his officers have a front-row seat to the public safety issues of this growing city. If our City Council, Chamber of Commerce, business owners and citizens don't respect and welcome his professional advice, then shame on all of us. We don't deserve what we have, which is one of the finest police departments in the nation in spite of all our social ills.

Let's get out of our comfort zone. Attend council meetings, pay attention and contact our mayor and council members with encouragement to do the right thing. Let Wasden and his department know there are still good people left in Modesto who want to live in a decent, law-abiding city, and let's hope and pray we still outnumber the bad guys.