Letters to the Editor

Iraq war was over ages ago

The author of "Democrats want to win election, not war" (Sept. 19, Letters) seems to be swimming against the tide of public opinion. Page A-3 of the same paper carries an Associated Press report that says efforts by Petraeus and President Bush failed to alter public opinion about the war. Yes, Democrats want to win the next election so they can end this shameful war.

Both Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker were cordially received by members of the House and Senate concerned with our efforts in Iraq. Sharp questioning by opponents of this endless conflict does not constitute treason, as charged by the writer. The most damning response from Petraeus was, "Sir, I don't know" in answer to Republican Sen. John Warner, who asked if our actions in Iraq are making us safer at home.

This is George W. Bush's war. He chose to invade this hapless country. Our military has performed admirably. They defeated the military forces of Iraq in short order and dismantled the government of Saddam Hussein. Now it is time for them to come home.