Letters to the Editor

Comedy of errors in neutering policy

I have to catch my breath from laughing so hard at the article, "Success breeds voucher limits" (Sept. 19, Page B-1). Talk about government shortsightedness!

Let's see, the county is up in arms about all the unneutered cats and dogs in the area and the costs involved sheltering 18,281 animals and euthanizing 12,238 over the past year.

So concerned that it is planning to charge astronomical licensing fees for all those unneutered animals, which will result in more abandoned animals and the euthanization of even more animals whose owners cannot afford either to pay the appallingly high fees or the cost of the surgery, or to take advantage of low-cost clinics.

The county then begins a program of providing low-cost vouchers that can be used at participating veterinarians for neutering.

Now the county complains that too many pet owners, trying to be responsible, are taking advantage of the vouchers so it will restrict those voucher sales ... and we're back at square one with fewer neutered animals.

Really, I don't know whether to start laughing again or to start crying.