Letters to the Editor

Leaving pets in the country inhumane

I am a longtime resident of rural Oakdale. Recently, my husband stepped out front to find a yellow Volkswagen pulling onto our drive. The woman driving had a young boy in the car. Upon seeing my husband, she reversed back onto the highway and drove away.

Several days later, our neighbor told us of a similar encounter. This neighbor now has a terrified declawed cat she's kind enough to feed, adding to her many "drop-offs."

To the woman who left her pet behind, here's what we have in the country: Coyotes, feline diseases, other territorial animals and a very busy highway.

I, too, have had many such animals dropped on my property. They don't always fare well. Don't believe for a moment they don't suffer for your choice to abandon these very dependent animals to fend for themselves.

Please consider a more humane placement for your pets.