Letters to the Editor

Send Homeland Security after gangs

I read your series on gang activity and gang-related crimes (Sept. 19-20, Page A-1) with great interest and one big question: Why doesn't Homeland Security take issue with gangs? Is this not terrorism in its rawest form? Are these gangsters not killing innocent victims with their lust for power and recognition? Where is our government when it comes to issues that are infecting our hometowns with hate and crime?

It's time for America to protect Americans. Bring the troops home to protect what is important, our homeland and our children. Drive these thugs out of our schools and off our streets.

Our local law enforcement has enough to deal with in everyday law and order, they need the help of the armed forces here on our turf. This is not gang territory; these are our towns and communities, not theirs. Enough is enough!