Letters to the Editor

Humanity, compassion is American way

I have been greatly saddened from reading so many letters regarding immigrants and immigration. I refuse to believe that these hate- fueled views of our defunct immigration system reflect any type of consensus in our community, nor do I believe that these letters offer any positive or productive perspectives.

I will not be lulled into believing a handful of bullies speak for all of us when their opinions conjure nothing more than prejudice and misinformation that breeds self-destructive social myths regarding all immigrants of legal or nonlegal status, especially when it hurts persons of a darker pigmentation.

As a proud citizen, I, too, have an equal say in regards to our immigration problems. I choose no more than two words toward any solution we shall ever provide as a community and as a nation -- humanity and compassion. That's the American way.


candidate for Modesto City Council Seat 1