Letters to the Editor

More thoughts about fighting terrorism

Thank you for your Sept. 16 editorial ("It's time to bring the troops home," Page B-6). You failed to mention that we can never quit fighting terrorism. If we could fight terrorists with military power, we would have won. We can't make gains against terrorists by occupying a country. Terrorists are fought on every continent (and subcontinent) with detective work, even in authoritarian Russia.

Second, you didn't mention that the refugees from Iraq are a significant problem. They need our aid. If they fought for us or with us, we must take them in; it is the right thing to do.

Third, we need to continue the long, hard task of making that part of the world more democratic. When unemployment is 70 percent, people have other things to think about. Remember, during our Great Depression unemployment was just 25 percent. We need to help stabilize them in the short run with aid, and help build their economies in the medium term to diversify them from oil. Oh, yes, and quit depending on oil as our sole source of energy. This whole fiasco -- if nothing else -- should teach us that.