Letters to the Editor

Supervisors make for inept planners

The Board of Supervisors voted on Sept. 11 not to spend any money to continue regional planning with the mayors in Stanislaus County. Is this their "total planning control," as stated by Supervisor Jeff Grover? Why would Supervisor Jim DeMartini say that the West Side doesn't care what happens in Salida? They lose services, too, when houses go up in the county.

I find these statements and the history of irresponsible piecemeal planning by the county more reason to get them out of the development business. Every time they plan alone, we, the taxpayers, pay more or lose services.

Growth is our No. 1 issue, yet every time I sign a petition to vote, the supervisors implement their "total planning control." They took away our vote on the Salida boondoggle. They haven't listened to the West Side. And now we wait until February to Stamp Out Sprawl. Or should we expect more total planning control?