Letters to the Editor

Hulling plant and families don't mix

The Stanislaus County Planning Commission approved Salida Hulling Association's plan to build a processing plant at Maze Boulevard and Dakota Avenue. This facility will bring irreversible change in

traffic to a neighborhood, without sincere regard for families on the affected streets. Residents here wait for buses, collect mail, walk and ride bikes.

Admitting safety issues with truck traffic, the project relies on an agreement with Hart Ransom School, limiting trucks passing during active school hours, promising to reroute traffic to other residential roads. Are these roads better-suited to handle the trucks? The volume of truck traffic can't be diminished and will increase as business grows.

Agriculture is the heart of this area; Salida Hulling has a right to expand. Yet the organization should look within its own members' properties to find land more suitable for their operation with less significant impact on existing surroundings. They refuse.

This isn't for the betterment of the local community, but for one small group in a much larger population. Because something is legal doesn't make it appropriate.

When the issue goes before the county Board of Supervisors, I hope these issues are addressed before our area changes forever.



Editor's note: The issue is scheduled to go to the supervisors Oct. 5 at 9:15 a.m.