Letters to the Editor

Dog park neighborhood not so bad

In response to Turlock Community Service Commissioner Gabriele Kinsella's comment about a dog park being built at Sunnyside Park ("Doggone it! Council to mull park's future," Sept. 11, Page B-3): I have lived in that "undesirable neighborhood" with my wife, kids and three dogs for fours years. I must inform you that our neighborhood is as safe and quiet as any in Turlock.

My family and I are very excited to have a dog park only three blocks away. We have a 14-month-old and three teenagers. Our older boys frequent the park and have yet to encounter any problems. The thought of being able to take our youngest as well as the dogs to the same park so they can all play and socialize is very appealing. I'm hopeful that those in the community who feel negatively about this location go visit it before making a decision about whether to support this location for the dog park. Using this location will do a lot to bring the community closer and help to improve this "undesirable" neighborhood.