Letters to the Editor

Straight-A students sag, too

I completely agree with Clarence Page's point on "Fashion trends, not lawmakers, will ban baggies" (Sept. 8, Page B-5). There are bad and evil people out in the world -- murderers, rapists and molesters, to name a few. Our police should be more concerned with these people and the acts they are committing, instead of worrying about the type of clothing that people wear. I would rather see someone wearing oversized pants than see a murderer not be caught.

Like Page stated, just because an individual follows a trend that is common with criminals, that does not make that person a criminal. For example, my brother is a 16-year-old, three-sport athlete who has a 4.0 grade-point average. Yet he often wears baggy pants. My brother is one of the last people I would ever believe capable of committing a crime, and surely him wearing baggy pants does not make him more likely to.

Why should we try to make criminals out of innocent people when there are plenty of criminals on the streets as it is? Trends come and go and soon enough this one will fade as well. Simply let the teenagers have their trends and let the police officers continue to do their job: fight crime.