Letters to the Editor

Retain Hensley, his experience

An excellent editorial in The Bee on Sept. 9 ("All of state will feel delta crisis") told of the many water and fish problems in the San Joaquin Delta and of San Francisco's plan to take an additional 25 million gallons of water a day from the Tuolumne River. The Modesto and Turlock irrigation districts will need to be involved in how the delta crisis is resolved, but of major concern is the protection of our water rights on the Tuolumne.

My almond and walnut farming operation depends on receiving irrigation water and electricity from the MID at reasonable rates. We are fortunate to have Cecil Hensley as our director in Division I to protect our water rights and provide us with good quality water and electricity. Not only does Hensley have his years of experience as a director but he has a 36-year record of irrigation management for the Modesto and Waterford irrigation districts. Hensley has always voted to keep water and electricity rates as low as possible.

The MID has so many issues, from water rights to greenhouse gas, that I want a director who has the experience to deal with them, therefore I am voting for Cecil Hensley.