Letters to the Editor

Wasden should not shape policy

In response to "Chief enforces the law -- helps make it, too" (Sept. 15, Page A-1): First the police helped rid Modesto of Graffiti Night because it was too hard to control. Then police had cruising banned because it was too difficult to monitor teens driving up and down a big street. Police have done their best to rid the city of X-Fest. Now, after the city and great business leaders like Chris Ricci have invested millions in revitalizing downtown, the police want to limit downtown entertainment.

I only go down once in awhile to have dinner with friends, but when I do I am always greeted by unfriendly, antagonistic officers who line the streets as if the city were under attack. When I go out in the Bay Area, Sacramento or Southern California, there are no police waiting as you walk out of a club.

Wasden is a great man but why is he shaping policy? How will the City Council take a fair look at his proposal when one member is a former officer and the mayor has several family members who are police officers? How about we try to let people have a good time and enjoy Modesto and focus on greater issues?