Letters to the Editor

Two examples of Bee's bad taste

Once again The Bee demonstrates brilliance for bad taste. The cartoon by Jeff Koterba (Sept. 13, Page B-6) was demeaning and disrespectful to Gen. David Petraeus and the American military. The general has more respect from the American people than the House, Senate and The Bee combined. I'm surprised you didn't put up the MoveOn.Org ad.

Further, since bad taste is being demonstrated, please consider the letter "Republicans turning into scumbags" (Sept. 13). I'm not sure if the individual is misinformed or just partisan, but since when did the Republican Party have the market cornered on scandal, lies, mass deception and hypocrisy? The Democratic Party has demonstrated the previous in spades. Swift boat information on John Kerry is published and his lack of character is eclipsed only by the Clintons, Ted Kennedy and others. Since The Bee is condoning slurs, then the Democratic Party has to accept "sleaze" as a defining description. I said that, Karl Rove did not. I'm betting Rove has not said anything he could not verify.