Letters to the Editor

Decide for Ceres, not Wal-Mart

In response to "Let the people of Ceres decide about Wal-Mart" (Sept. 12, Letters): I agree, the people of Ceres should decide about Wal-Mart. And we should be diligent in finding out what is good and what is not so good for Ceres, before Wal-Mart tries to open another store.

This decision will affect the future prosperity of our citizens, our property values, our tax burdens and the viability of our city.

We should deal with facts, not characterizations, or name calling. We should decide whether we want a new Wal-Mart before it opens, not after. It is reckless thinking to say that the decision to have a new Wal-Mart is good, based on the fact that Wal-Mart can maintain enough customers to stay open.

If the new Wal-Mart opens, big problems may arise that can't be changed.

You can't unring the bell!

It is never fruitless to add thoughtful responses to the discussion. The more discussion we have, the better it will be for Ceres.