Letters to the Editor

Look deeper, Ceres neighbors

In response to "Let people of Ceres decide about Wal-Mart" (Sept. 12, Letters): Yes Wal-Mart is a free enterprise success story, no doubt. But, the free enterprise system works when there is some regulation to curb the excesses of the free market. Otherwise, we would not have minimum wages or laws that keep our lakes and streams free of dangerous chemicals. We would not have safety laws to protect workers, or medical care for those injured on the job. We would not have labor laws to protect children.

There are big issues at stake here. The allegations in "We can do better than Wal-Mart" (Sept. 6, Letters) should not be ignored or minimized, especially locally. The allegations come from numerous townspeople and Wal-Mart employees in states -- including California -- across our nation.

I care about what happens to Ceres and its citizens. There are local nonunion companies that treat their employees with much respect and give their workers a wage and benefits that keep us thriving.