Letters to the Editor

Award is for beauty, not work

Regarding Claudia Newcorn's column "No one should get the credit without doing the work" (Sept. 11, Page B-7): Modesto Garden Club gives an award each month to a homeowner whose front yard is well maintained and adds beauty to the neighborhood. I think it is great to recognize people who add value to our community.

There are many people who are elderly, handicapped or just too busy to do all their own gardening. I have a larger- than-normal lot. I love to garden and do all my own planting, fertilizing and pruning.

Last year I planted nearly 10 flats of flowers and 100 bulbs. I have a gardener who mows my front and back lawn and blows the leaves. I am a senior citizen and I would rather put my energy into creating beautiful color.

The Bee recently ran an article regarding all the homes that were in foreclosure and how they were eyesores. Let's give credit to our neighbors who keep their yards looking good, no matter how they get it done.

You did not make any friends with the 600 Modesto Garden Club members who do many things to make this community a better place. Rather small-minded and judgmental of you, Claudia.

You said your roses smell sweeter because of your hard work. How about when you are 85 and can no longer do the work?