Letters to the Editor

West Park will get West Side jobs

We moved here from the Bay Area in 2006. I support the West Park project because the housing growth of the tri-city corridor (Patterson, Crows Landing and Newman) is on the rise, while employment has been dormant. This gross imbalance is resulting in people traveling to other cities for employment, putting strains on families, and now causing foreclosures and vacancies throughout corridor.

With the influx of people, the transgressions are getting worse. We don't have strong police forces because we don't have the revenue; we don't have strong fire departments because we don't have the revenue; we don't have adequate medical- emergency facilities because we don't have the revenue. This is the right time and the right place for this development to take place.

Stanislaus County and the West Side have an opportunity to bring those scales into balance, with more than 37,000 jobs being generated to include construction jobs, apprenticeship programs, entry-level jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

With the rising concern of homeland security, inland ports are the answer to resolving the congestion of our ports in the state of California.