Letters to the Editor

Stand together against enemies

There is only one thing an enemy understands -- strength. Why did the mighty empire of Japan surrender to the United States in World War II? They saw America's overwhelming strength and resolve. If there is to be a different approach to the war in Iraq, how about this: The Democrats stand with the Republicans and other political parties and say to the enemy in Iraq, "We are going to stay in Iraq for as long as it takes. We are going to send as many troops as we believe we need. We are going to fund our cause and we will stand together against you."

It is easy to find critics. If we had a Democrat for president right now, the Republicans would be saying we need to pull our troops out of Iraq. We don't always need to have political parties on extreme ends in America. If we want our troops to come home soon, then we need to be strong together. The more Americans stand together against the enemy, the sooner our troops will return.