Letters to the Editor

Contract goes to highest bidder?

Recently the Los Banos City Council approved a contract to start a recycling program. The contract went to the higher of two bidders. They were not only 10 percent more in residential costs, they were 23 percent higher for the commercial side. It is going to cost the public $550,000 per year for the life of the 10-year contract. I thought that the council is supposed to make the best decision on the use of the public's money.

This looks akin to the New Jersey city council that was recently busted for awarding higher contracts to bidders and then getting kickbacks. It has the appearance of impropriety.

I worked for the government for more than 30 years, and I had regulations to follow for every contract. When I put something out for bid, I had to have all of the specifications spelled out so I would be getting the service I needed. Then I had to pick the lowest bid, or at least justify to Sacramento why I was spending more of the state's money than I needed to, based on the bids themselves.

I guess next time we elect some teachers or ex-government employees to office in Los Banos, we should check to see if they are math majors.


Los Banos