Letters to the Editor

I'd love to be 'fat' like Britney

I would love to be as "fat" as Britney Spears is. Prepregnancy, I too, had a great body, but things change. Telling the world (most of all our daughters) that not having that perfect body, whatever that is, somehow makes you inferior or not worthy of respect is just wrong. That's what breeds bulimia and anorexia and, in extreme cases, suicide. Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive editor-at-large of Glamour Magazine, even says, "In the fashion industry, there's been an effort to promote healthier-looking models. ... Girls aren't looking as skinny this season as they did. ...There's food backstage. They're looking sexier." At Glamour, she noted, a model won't be featured "if she shows too much clavicle."

We need to let our girls know that being 5-foot-11 and weighing 110 pounds is neither healthy nor attractive.